24 Diy Cree Led

24 Diy Cree Led. (built with assistance of riu contributors! My 2 10k mh bulbs are just tad to yellow.

DIY CREE COB CXB3590 led grow light with Ideal holder 50 … from ae01.alicdn.com

I am planning to dim the led using a typhon controller (based on arduino). I am getting increasingly interested in diy so i found some threads on the internetwebs where people recommend, say those 10×10 cree cree. Рет қаралды 122 м.5 жыл бұрын.

Spectrums, led ratios, different types of leds, the usual.

24 Diy Cree Led. Dhgate.com provide a large selection of promotional led cree diy on sale at cheap price and excellent crafts. Diy cree led grow light 1.5+ g/w (w/ harvest results). Well ive been bouncing around ideas for the last few weeks on what i was going to use for actinics on my setup. See your favorite dip purple and cree diodes discounted & on sale.

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