24 Diy Drum Pendant Light

24 Diy Drum Pendant Light. Pendant lights are one of the most fun things to diy since you can work with a ton of different materials and styles all while keeping electrical work to a minimum. They also bring brightness and a hint of style to your living spaces!

DIY drum shade pendant light, Linen one going in soon … from i.pinimg.com

Enjoy fast delivery, best quality and cheap price. Sometimes you just get attached to things and can't let them go, and in those time, you just upcycle it into awesome diy lighting! It's a lot easier than you think.

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24 Diy Drum Pendant Light. Spray paint the color of your choice! Learn how to create your own trendy rattan pendant light for just pennies! Turn those giant metallic finds into lovely drum pendants with a bit of paint. If needed, touch up the ceiling paint.

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