24 Diy Feather Chandelier

24 Diy Feather Chandelier. In comparison to the other 25 diy chandelier ideas, this one is definitely sheer cream fabric, lace fabric, ribbon, trim lace, doilies, light, pearl trim, white feathers. Spray paint string or ribbon.

Light blue Rooster Hackle Feather Fringe Trim DIY Feather … from cdn.shopify.com

(melissa used varying shades of pink and cream embroidery floss for this. Have you tried your hand at diy chandeliers? Mobile is perfect for any room, nursery or a special occasion.

Diy orb chandelier by ador by melissa.

24 Diy Feather Chandelier. Learn how to do here. Lace is one of the most romantic elements in the world. Adding an airy accent to your decor. Diy orb chandelier by ador by melissa.

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