24 Diy Padded Hangers

24 Diy Padded Hangers. I did this little diy day before because i was in need of a bit fancy/ padded hanger to shoot a few garment pics on. Start by drawing the bottom triangle part of the hanger onto your board.

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Padded hangers look so much better than the ordinary. You will need scissors and about a 20″ section of foam pipe cover. Directions for diy padded hangers:

Delicate and stylish padded hangers that they have in some lingerie boutiques can be in your closet.

24 Diy Padded Hangers. Get the best deals on guitar hangers. Next, i worked on the padding for the guitar, so that the hanger doesn't scratch up the guitar neck. Pink padded hanger with ribbon bow. It's an accessory that can be both functional and decorative at the same time.

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