24 Diy Sunburst Mirror Skewers

24 Diy Sunburst Mirror Skewers. These 15″ long, 5mm thick bamboo skewers* were my secret weapon! If you haven't subscribed yet,then.

DIY: How to Make a Designer Sunburst Mirror with Your Own … from homeklondike.site

Yes, you heard that right, poster board. September 8, 2015 by brynne 14 comments. I picked up two packages of barbeque skewers and a sheet of foam core poster board at.

Posted on october 25, 2011 by alittleabandon.

24 Diy Sunburst Mirror Skewers. Try wood skewers, spoons, i've even seen porcupine quills! It was one of the first things that i pinned onto my to do list on pinterest. Attach your mirror to the front of the sunburst with gorilla glue. This diy project is quick and easy to make customized for any space.

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